Welcome to the National Mentoring Service.

The scheme has been developed as a joint project between the Ta’lim and Sanato Tijarat Departments as a result of an approved proposal at Majlise Shura 2018.

The Proposal and Recommendations are as follows:

Proposal 18.03

There is a need of developing within our Jamaat, a robust system of mentoring for our Jamaat members to ensure they excel in their God gifted potential by way of having regular and continued input from Jamaats experts in various fields from very early age. Thus mentoring will provide an invaluable information, guidance and support at the right time. Majlis Shura is requested to discuss a way forward.

(Proposed by Manchester West with an amendment from the Markaz)


The proposal 18.03 will be lead coordinated by the Ta’lim department, working very closely with the National Tarbiyyat, Sanato Tijarat, Waqfe Nau and Auxiliary departments.

The committee recognised that much of the mentoring work already takes place in a fragmented manner across a number of departments.

The committee proposes that in order to make the mentoring system robust, as stated in the proposal, a one stop user friendly solution to be implemented as follows:

1) identify individuals willing to act as mentors, whether professional or non-professional  using our existing jamaat resources such as IAAAE, medical association, HF and local knowledge from professionals.

2) the Mentee and in the case of a child, their guardian could submit their request for mentoring assistance, through a suitable technology-based platform or via the local Nizame jamaat. once this initiative is formalised it will be rolled out nationally.

3) A national mentoring committee – NMC – should be setup which may include : secretary Tarbiyyat, Ta’lim, Sanato tijarat, and a representative from the auxiliary organisation.

The NMC will monitor the follow up between the mentor and the Mentee. The NMC will also be responsible for the training and guidance of the mentor. This will ensure the NMC will maintain the quality of the mentors role and the effectiveness and robustness of the mentoring system.


How Does it work?



A Service To Suit Every Schedule

The scheme has been designed to fit around  busy personal schedules.

There are three levels of mentoring available, all with varying degrees of commitment. Ideally we would like all of our members to benefit from the abundant expertise within the Jama’at, therefore we will work to your convenience. Our objective is to improve the lives of our members by sharing skills, knowledge and expertise.

The different levels are explained below.


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