Jalsa Awards 2017 – Application status

Status last updated : 01/04/2017 (11:25) – Next Update will be 09/04/2017 or sooner.

We have received number of applications in last 15 days. If you have submitted your application in last couple of weeks then please bear with us and we will be in touch within next few days in regards to reference number for your application. In addition we have noted some of the corrections shared by individuals and will be checking our records to ensure all information is correctly captured.

If you have submitted your application prior to 31/03/2017 via Talim.org.uk platform then please rest assured that we have received the details and are currently working through it. An uptodate list of all candidates with their reference numbers will be published here before 09/04/2017.

JazakAllah for your patience

Female Applications (proofs Received)

Ref. number Level Qualification


Male Applications (proofs Received)




Jalsa Awards Team 2017