Please note that the applications are closed now, 30th March was the deadline for Jalsa Salana UK 2018 award application

Important Notes.

§  The awards have been instituted to ensure that Ahmadi students achieving the highest academic standards are recognized for their achievement,  competition for the awards is fierce and only those achieving the highest standards may qualify for the award

§  The Awards are presented for ACADEMIC achievement ONLY

§  The awards are NOT presented for Pure Vocational qualification, all vocational qualifications must be supplemented by adequate levels of academic qualifications

The Criteria for the awards are as follows:


8 A* Grades

7A* Grades and 2 A grades (in two separate subjects)

6A* grades and 4 A grades (in 4 separate subjects)

5 A* + 6 A grades (in 6 seperate Subjects)

Please note that in case of new GCSE grading system a Grade 8 will be considered as A* equivalent & a Grade 7 will be considered as A

Special note to BTEC Candidates:

The committee deems the BTEC as a vocational qualification

If candidates are offering some BTEC award qualifications, these must be in separate subjects; one BTEC subject is equivalent to one GCSE.  E.g. if you have a BTEC in IT, then your overall grade will be counted as one GCSE ONLY. Even if you have 6 distinction with a star it will be deemed to be equivalent of  one A* grade ONLY.